The World of Mom Jeans

Dear @#$%! Baby.

If you are good for anything, it is the introduction to the world of elastic panel waistbands, a world I may never leave. Not to be confused with these mom jeans, but to be honest, if those are this comfortable, I may explore that world, too.

As a member of the Petite club, clothes shopping is generally a nightmare. Pants are too long, shirts are too wide, armholes let the world see everything, average torsos are apparently four feet in length. Everything needs to be shortened, tightened, taken in. As a member of the Petite & Pregnant club, add in an expanding belly and you’ve got the perfect storm of never finding clothes.


While it still isn’t easy and most pants still need to be hemmed and I am left wondering how and where these women with super torsos exist, my butt has never looked better. And it’s like I never had a muffin top. Every woman needs full panel maternity jeans. It’s like built in Spanx. Seriously. I’m going to wear these jeans as long as I can get away with it. I may have tried on 14 pairs at the store, but out of those 14, TWO fit and fit well and did not need to be hemmed.  Okay, so one pair probably should be hemmed, but they are passable.  Regardless, that is a success percentage of epic proportion. I am lucky if I try on 50 jeans and am happy with one pair.


Not to mention, I never have to worry if I’ve left my fly down. And that goes for all maternity pants, not just mom jeans. Convenience! In a world of chaos!