To Be Accountable

I laid out my resolutions at the beginning of the month. The month is not quite over and I have failed.



I’m sort of the worst.

1. Break my 20-year-old habit of cuticle picking. 

Still as awful as ever. Maybe worse. And now the kid is mimicking me and that’s not good. Anyone got any ideas? FAIL.

2. Make a new recipe every week. 

sort of haven’t failed this one, yet. But last week I made something that I’ve eaten before but never made myself. So half fail.

3. Blog at least once a week. 

Why the @#%^@ do you think I’m posting something on Sunday @#%! Night that matters to no one? This is the one thing I haven’t failed yet so you’re getting this lovely succinct pile of embarrassing resolution confessions before the week ends in 60 minutes.

4. Climb mountains.

I mean, this wasn’t supposed to happen until the summer so I can’t FAIL but unless the treadmill incline set at 9 counts, then whatever.

I’m so awesome I can’t even take it.


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