GTFO, 2013.

I hate New Years Eve, for a lot of reasons, but I’ve been ready for this one for months. A year, even.

I don’t know about you, but this year was epically shitastic. Not just for me, but for many, many, many people I know. My extended family alone saw three deaths in the last two weeks of February. And another in June. The death of my brother alone was enough to make this year the worst ever, and then my grandpa passed away as well. Big A’s career plans got %$&@ed so next year is going to be a mess of changes, hopefully for the better. I continue to struggle to find a job of my own.

It isn’t just me. So many of my dear friends struggled this year, either with health, loss, jobs, whatever. Aside from a few beautiful births and a wedding or two, this year is hardly worth remembering in my book. It’s hard to watch the circle of people you love struggle in so many different ways.

I’m not even going to dive into the tragedies of the world. Watch the news for that.

Every year has bad moments. But 2013 was the when-it-rains-it-pours of bad moments. It’s hard for me to remember that fun moments I did have when everything is overshadowed. I’ve always been a pessimist so this year was not great for my attitude!

But here’s to 2014. To positive changes, to happier moments, to new opportunities. To less wallowing, more action, less pity, more cheer, less tears, more grins.

So GTFO, 2013. GFY.




4 thoughts on “GTFO, 2013.

  1. fadingsunlight says:

    I should be able to like this multiple times or maybe just flat-out “love” it. This year was crap for so many of us and cannot be quickly enough!

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