Photo Friday: Christmas Happened

This Christmas was…something else. Between the driving and all the family and the first tooth and the flu, our two weeks of travel was a blur. I barely remember the period between Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. For selfish reasons I want a re-do, since not only is this holiday my favorite, but because it was Little A’s first. And in the next few days I’ll hash out the details of the memories, but not now, for Photo Friday is not about words. It’s about me being lazy and just posting some bad ass pictures.


First, the feeling of amazement.


Soon after, the feeling of internal excitement on Christmas morning. He’s happy but doesn’t know it. And a stud.


Then, the feeling of nostalgia. THAT’S A BAD ASS GIRL SCOUT PHOTO ORNAMENT, YO.


Followed by the unwrapping of gifts. Or tugging on things and accidentally opening them. MAGIC!


AND the feeling of anger when Santa didn’t bring what you asked for


So you say $^@~  THAT and take a nap


And when you wake up, you gorge on cookies.


And then all you want to do is snuggle because the flu comes on fast and it comes on strong. Like that greasy old guy at the bar.



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