Nocturnal Positions

Dear !@%! Baby:

The best thing about video monitors is that I can watch you. I know what you’re doing. I know that you’re facing the wrong way, you’re not on your back and, oh gee, you’re WIDE $#^#!$ AWAKE.




My favorite part of the video is that you look like a damn raccoon in the night vision. I better not see you rummaging through any trash cans once you figure out how to walk. Or something.


4 thoughts on “Nocturnal Positions

  1. This is why I didn’t want to get a video monitor. I’d spend all my time watching that and I wouldn’t keep up on muh stories. That, and I’d probably use it when Squatch was awake to recreate Godzilla movies.

    I am sort of interested in what he’s doing in there sometimes, though. It usually sounds like quite the party.

  2. I love it! How fun to use a video monitor to see what baby’s doing throughout the night. I’m with Ande, though, not sure that I’d have time for anything else. I’d probaby have been crazy addicted and watched every second of Doodle’s sleep just in case he did something cute or funny. 🙂

  3. SaraHP says:

    He’s not sleeping, but he’s also NOT SCREAMING. I wish my 2 yr old would someday get the memo that when you wake up during the night, you can just chill out and look around like a crazy raccoon, then go back to sleep. Someday.

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