Someone Peed in the Pool.

Dear @#!%! Kid.

It was funny the first time. It was still funny the second and third times. But now you’re just making it foolish.


It never fails. Warm water. Clean, fresh, ready to wash your stanky butt. I sit your stanky butt in. And wash wash wash.

And then wee willie winkie is all I WANT TO PLAY TO.

bath time

I also don’t appreciate that you’re doing it later and later into your bath time. Because tonight? A little too close to the towel dry for me.

Well, jokes on you, child. I’m never going to change the water for a tablespoon of pee.

And when you pee in the pool someday and the water changes color and everyone knows you pissed in the chlorine and all your friends make fun of you and will never let you live it down? I’ll be there, waggling finger, reminding you that I tried to stop this habit from day one. And laughing. Oh, lord, will I be laughing.



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