Your Quarterly Review

Dear @!$%! 20 week old.

Wow. Seriously? Twenty weeks. I should have gone back to work 14 weeks ago and that’s !#%$# crazy. That’s also another post.

I feel like you just got here. I suppose it will always feel that way. But seriously, it feels like you JUST GOT HERE.

You are amazing. A FREAKING MAZING. The greatest trick baby to ever trick.

You sleep 11-12 hours every night. IN A ROW. Sometimes you sleep longer than me and that’s quite a feat.

You eat like a champ.

You rarely cry unless you are super tired or hungry. Both of those are easily solved.

You are $@^#! adorable.

I can put you to sleep by whispering om nom nom nom in your ear.

You crack me up every. single. god. damn. day.

Your giggles are infectious, though near impossible to get.

Those giggles, man. Much like your smiles used to be, they are dizzying to achieve. What worked yesterday will never work again. You are most giggle-prone at night before we put you in your crib. Some nights we can get you going to where you almost can’t catch your breath. Other nights, like last night when we tried to record it, we are lucky to get a Miley Cyrus Huhhhhh. We feel like fools making odd noises, jumping around, running at you, making stupid faces. Doesn’t matter. It’s worth it. Just do it more often. And laugh at the same shit, would ya? We’re running out of ideas.

You’ve doubled in weight since you were born – your fourth month doctors visit had you at 12 lb 12 oz and 23.5 inches. You are a peanut, still hovering around the 10th percentile in everything, but you are growing well, staying on track and I don’t mind you being tiny. Yet. As long as you end up taller than me, we’re all good. Actually, please end up way taller than me because being taller than me isn’t all that hard to do. Be a few inches taller than your dad.

Every day you see something fresh in the world. You learn something new. You are full of wonder and awe and don’t know much but you know enough to smile and laugh and enjoy.

I could learn a lot from you.

Hot damn, you’re cool.


12 thoughts on “Your Quarterly Review

  1. LOL! Alex is the same way with her giggles, the same trick never works twice within a 3 day period! We look like idiots trying to get her to laugh. Then every once in a while she’s in a giggly/tired mood and she won’t stop – it’s awesome! I love the pic! adorable.

  2. It is so hard to get C to laugh too. She never, ever laughs at the same thing, and I want to crawl inside her brain just so I can know what to do to get those giggles. Luckily, we got her biggest giggle festival yet on video so we at least know she’s capable of it.

    He is so.freaking.adorable. You definately made a winner.

  3. Genevieve says:

    This post is so sweet. It actually made me want a baby (I am in the pre-baby fear stage right now). But the way you express your love is contagious. Thanks for your raw and raunchy voice it makes me believe in my own potential mom powers.

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