#$&!% Baby Tips: Work It Out

Hey readers! It’s the kid again. These parents of mine refuse to take me to the gym to work out so I have had to develop my own routines in order to get my muscle tone up to par. And in the middle of the night, nonetheless, since during the day it’s all patty-cake this and Let’s Hold You Up and Pretend to Swim that.

Too bad I gave myself a hernia. My first sports injury because I am a !#%#!$ bad ass.

Working out keeps me slim and buff. Can’t say the same for that lazy ass mom…OH HEY MA.

Just watch how awesome I am.


Hey, Kid. STFU with your bull!#%!. If I could go Air Swimming I totally would – it’s great for your core strength. Until you start doing something around here to EARN an allowance, you won’t be getting any money for your gym membership. Go ride the dog or something.

Love, Ma


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