Thanks a lot, Kid.

Dear @$^@! Baby,

While I am grateful that you continue to be relatively nice to me and my body, I will admit that I am a little miffed at you. There I was, six months ago, discovering a little cell blob inside of me and I think HEY! I KNOW! I will start a blog where I can bitch about the awful things it’ll do to me.

And I started mentally planning for posts about morning sickness and aches and pains and gross things. I consulted with some creative friends, threw some names around and yadda yadda yadda this blog was born.

Dear !@$%@ Baby.

A place to swear at you, yell at you, curse at you, damn you for messing things up so horrifically.



Not that I want you to change your ways; I’m just saying. I don’t appreciate the bad light in which you are portraying me.

I’ll get back at you for it. Someday.


4 thoughts on “Thanks a lot, Kid.

  1. I have had the exact same thoughts throughout my pregnancy! I started my blog to complain about all the crap I’d have to deal with, and lo and behold, pregnancy has treated me very kindly! Where’s the justice in THAT? 🙂

    • No morning sickness. No feet swelling – I’m still wearing heels 3-4 days a week! And food cravings have been nothing crazy. My sodium intake has always been high. And I’ve always had cankles so I can’t tell if those are swelling or not. Seriously, this kid is being easy on me…too easy. I’m afraid he’s saving all the hell-raising for his birthday.

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