Sleep? Mini Vans? LOLZ.

I’m still not sleeping well. I could fall asleep at my desk in a hot minute any time between 10 and 6, or on the couch after I eat dinner, but actual  sleeping? In my bed? At a proper hour? INCONCEIVABLE.

So that is my excuse for not writing much of anything this week. And yeah, I’m writing now but this is just going to be a bunch of rambling about shit.

Little A is kicking away. I dared look down last night and saw my stomach MOVE and I determined I will never look down again. I am finally noticeably pregnant, at least in my eyes. I ate a half jar of pickles last night. Maternity jeans are amazing, but that’ll hopefully end up another post at some point.

Ummm…I sold/traded in Big A’s truck on Monday? I guess that’s news. So now I have a (somewhat more practical) new Mom Mobile and I feel pretty fantastic about it. And no, it is not a mini van. I am going to be a way cooler mom than a MINI VAN mom. Give me a little credit here. I’m trying to raise a badass kid and not a snot-nosed special snowflake math-magician. You cannot – I repeat – CANNOT – raise a badass kid in a mini van.

The Griswold Family Truckster? Yes.

My mom mobile (aka the Little A Vehicular Transportation System)? YES.

Mini van? lolololol you crazy.

Let’s see. As of yesterday I am 24 weeks, meaning Little A is viable and has a good chance of survival if he decides to come super early or some crap like that. According to the Fetal Fruit Comparison Board, he is the size of a grapefruit and weighs roughly a pound. I’m also 60% done with this process which is beyond nuts. I am not 60% ready so he shouldn’t be 60% cooked.


24 Weeks

The mirror must take off ten pounds, because I feel way larger than that. IT REALLY DOES HAVE TWO FACES. And somehow, thankfully, I still only have one chin.

I think that’ll about sum it all up. Happy $%&#ing Friday!


9 thoughts on “Sleep? Mini Vans? LOLZ.

  1. Congrats on the new car! Also not a mini-van person, we got an Acura RDX last summer and love it.
    You look great!
    Unfortunately the kicks and bumps just get more and more visible 😦 Every move she makes I can look down and ‘see’ if I want to (i prefer to avoid this). And hiccups are the worst! They can last for 30 minutes of repetitive thumping – ugg.

    • I like the Acura RDX! Good choice!
      I will never forgot seeing a coworkers belly jump when her baby had the hiccups. We were out to lunch and I could barely eat my food. I also ran screaming from her office in four inch heels the first time I saw it MOVE. Haven’t looked down since Thursday night. Not totally sure I’m wearing matching shoes…

  2. I know what you mean about the belly movement. The first time I saw my belly move I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. It was hilarious/terrifying and, of course, no one was around to witness. Now it pretty much happens all day, every day. And I can’t help but feel that, at any moment, something is going to rip me open and hop out wearing a sombrero and playing a tamborine. Why? Because I probably had a dream about something like that happening. You know, when I wasn’t dreaming about the cast of Jersey Shore or the zombie apocalypse. (Are you having the ridiculous dreams too?!)

  3. Ah, just you wait. At some point a mini van will sound darn appealing. Especially after the 100th time you bump your head getting your bundle in and out of your little, normal-sized car.

    On another note, even though I haven’t been following you for that long, I’ve enjoyed your posts (and I appreciate you’ve been reading my blog, as well). So I nominated you for The Sunshine Award for bloggers. Check out my latest post for details:

    And thanks again for being so supportive!

  4. Got here by way of Stacy. How fun. I am going to totally follow you! Ha! Mine break danced all night and I was informed that was God’s way of preparing you to never sleep again, (or for me it way 3 1/2 years twice.) Anyway, stop over if you have a few and read mine called, “Aren’t you glad you only had to do that twice to get three babies?!” No sleep will be the worst of your worries when you kid hits about 12 and finds out about sex and sperm and is freaking out and yelling, “I just want to know if this SPERM that is going to shoot out of my penis is a liquid or a solid?!” bahahaha!

  5. I SWORE I would NEVER EVER drive a minivan. I drove a Jeep Wrangler for as long as I could hang in there. But honestly, my next car will probablly be a minivan. But you hang in there! You’re probably cooler than me. 🙂

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