Workin’ on the Night Moves

Or Night Cheese, if you’re a 30 Rock fan.

So, good ol’ daylight savings time really kicked my ass last night. Tried to keep the same routine. In bed by 10:30, do a few crosswords, watch TV, snuggle with the cat who has decided to be nice to me for the first time ever.

I am far from sleep. But I press on.

11:45. Lights out. TV timer set to 30 minutes.

12:15. TV goes off. Still not tired. But I try.

12:45. Stop. Potty time.

1:15. Yep. Still awake.

1:45. WTF. Post on Facebook about not being able to sleep. Pick up a book I’ve been meaning to read for several months. Maybe reading will knock me out. I never do it any more.

3:00. Still wide awake, but I figure I have to try this sleep thing again. Lights out, book down.

I saw 4:15 am. Probably fell asleep around 4:30. AWESOME. I am a super happy camper today.

True, I’ve always been a night owl. I used to lay in bed, wide awake, and wait my my parents to go to bed. I waited another 30 minutes, then went to the bathroom, grabbed the Family Circus I had gotten from the library and stashed in the upper linen cabinet and read until I finished the book or someone discovered me. There could very well still be a book stashed up there.

Apparently Little A has inherited the night owl gene; he was practicing his mad ninja skills the entire time I was reading.  I don’t know if he is always that active at that time of night and I was just awake to experience it this time or if DST got to him, too. But that little bugger is getting strong. Like, freaky strong. I was afraid to look down, lest I see his little creepy footprint pressing out or a finger wagging at me from my belly button. I’m happy to knowing his alive and kicking, but damn. Take it easy on my organs, buddy. I am not your gym and those are not punching bags. I’m going to have to start charging him membership fees. His free trial is up. AND NO, I WON’T BE GIVING HIM A FREE DUFFEL BAG.

Now, if you need me, I will be spending my lunch hour napping in the truck.



2 thoughts on “Workin’ on the Night Moves

  1. Sorry to hear this, hopefully you get more sleep tonight. I hate DST but don’t usually have too much trouble falling asleep. I am finding I wake up more and more in the middle of the night now that I’m in the third trimester – lovely. Most times I don’t even have to go pee, just awake (so i pee just because i may as well do it now and maybe get more sleep).

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