The Big Show

I go back and forth on whether to be concerned or proud that I’m not showing yet. At 17.5 weeks, I probably should be. At least, that’s what all the bump pictures on the interwebs tell me. But I’m sort of not. At least not in a pregnancy sense. I look a little fluffier, but not pregnant. I still fit into most of my pants and the full panel maternity pants I bought (they were on sale and I can’t pass up sales) look foolish since all the extra fabric is loose and hangs and looks like I deflated.

The only time I feel like I have THE BUMP is after I eat a big meal. Then there’s no denying it. I go from normal to enlarged in minutes. It’ll go away, but for a good hour I can’t suck it in or hide the fact that all of a sudden lunch formed into a potbelly that has nowhere to go but out.

I think I’m going to stay on the proud side of the fence. When the doctor gives you orders to eat more ice cream, you’ve got to be doing something right. That said, pants are getting tighter faster and it won’t be long now. I fear I am going to pop and pop loudly.

How I view myself:

How I really look at 17 weeks:


I know there’s something in there – I’ve seen it! Unless it really is just an elaborate hoax.

Also, I can still see my feet!

Week 17

I recently posted some Week 10 pictures here, for comparisons sake. And so I can easily find them when I went to wistfully remember when.


9 thoughts on “The Big Show

  1. Oh wow, you’re right! You don’t look 17 weeks pregnant at all! Definitely not to worry, you will get a bump soon enough 😉 I’m 24 weeks and can’t see past my outtie anymore and have trouble putting socks on… embrace your flat belly now!

  2. I kept wondering when I would start showing. At 20 weeks, I had a couple of outfits I looked preggo in but I generally just looked bloated all the time. Then, at 23 weeks, I suddenly became obviously pregnant. It really came on over night. In one week a TON of strangers commented on it. Now I’m at 31 weeks and I seriously fear for how much bigger I’m going to get because I am already testing the tensile strength of my maternity pants.

  3. My wife is maybe a week behind you. And she’s not really showing, either. I posted a picture on my blog, and it might appear she’s showing, but she was sticking her belly out as far as it would go and arching her back, so…yeah, not really showing yet. Despite the fact that her pants stopped fitting, she’s actually LOST weight since before she was pregnant. Take that, Logic!

  4. So you’re saying I shouldn’t take The Bump forum boards as medical advice?? Dude. Those boards are scary. They’re all posting belly pics at 14 weeks “look at how big I am already yaaayyyy!!” or whining about how they aren’t showing yet at 15 weeks “rant rant rant why aren’t I showing yet rabble rabble”. But then the bitching starts at 20 weeks “omg I am sooooo huge *tears*”. Something is seriously wrong over there.

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