2011 Happened Like This

Dear @#%! Baby:

In the year we made you, the following events happened.

We went to Vegas over Valentine’s Day and “got married” and went all VIP with some friends and bottle service.

Β  Β 

My cousin and I won the coveted rib cook-off trophy. Neither of us had cooked ribs before. Several family members were not happy.

I turned 30. Yikes. I drank a lot of bourbon and Grain Belt that weekend.

I met Mr. Belding at a Minor League baseball game.

Big A deployed again. But not before we had a Jorts party, during which I saw more of our friends than I ever wanted to.

Our basement turned into a water park during Hurricanes Irene and Lee. Then it was jackhammered and rebuilt. If I never shop-vac again I will be a happy camper. The basement has been dubbed The Danger Zone.

I got to visit Big A – in Africa! It was just okay. Lolololololol J/K it was amazeballs.

We discovered a fetus. YOU. So I started a blog.

I won Skivver Fest 2011 – second year in a row I beat my brother at making Christmas breakfast. Because I’m awesome.

All told, aside from a few major highlights (I mean, HELLO, Africa + Baby), a fairly mundane year – not that I’m complaining. Danger Zone was enough stress on its own. And Lord knows next year is going to be a cluster@^$& of who knows what so I will look back on 2011 with wistful eyes and sigh.

Always remember that year we were Ballers.


4 thoughts on “2011 Happened Like This

    • Meeting him was such a fluke, too! We had never been to a minor league game in this area, but decided to join some friends that day. I was totally hungover, fell asleep in the 15 minute car ride to the ballpark, woke up as we turned into the parking lot and was greeted by a huge sign that glowed MEET MR. BELDING TODAY. I screamed like a five year old. Had I been sufficiently hydrated, I would have wet my pants.

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